Draw a spline

How to draw a spline in Shapr3D


To draw a spline, we start drawing like with the line, so I have to decide where would like to start and then we start right with the pencil and now to create a CV (control vertical) for a spline, I press with the pencil and you see everytime when I press, it creates another cv.

I release the pencil, then Shapr3D understands that you're done creating the cvs for the spline. Now when I select the spline with the pencil it gives me control about all those cvs which I can move around.

So if I close these two parts you see I close the shape, but it actually it remains having sharp edges.

So let's say I would like to create a closed spline. To create a closed spline, we start exactly the same way. So we click all our points, but then I move the endpoint back to the startpoint and you see the moment they overlap Shapr3D actually connects them and gives me a perfectly smooth and closed spline.

Now there when I select the spline also there with the pencil I can select all the cvs, move them around to create the form I'm looking for.

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