Draw and delete lines

How to draw and delete lines in Shapr3D


Shapr3D has a very smart way how you can draw: lines, arcs, circles, open and closed splines.

To draw a line simply take your pencil and start drawing where you would like the line to start and then stop drawing where you would like the line to end. I will put one more line down here, I make use of the grid and for example I will create one line here.

So you notice every time when you draw a new line Shapr3D will display you the length of the line, so this length we can actually adjust by via the pencil.

We are selecting the value for example: I adjust this to 9, so now it's a 9 millimeters, or I can go 10 and then it connects or I can go 12 and then you see it grew to the other side. With the pencil if I select a line, you see then the start and the end point are selectable.

That means now if I would like this lower point to line up with the line below on the left side. With the pencil I can simply select and then drag the point to the position where I would like this one to be.

So you see there are two ways how you can adjust lines either by adjusting the length value or for example with the pencil by just moving one of the endpoints.

You also see wherever you have two lines, that meet each other at one point: there is an angle. So I could also rotate this line, by simply with the pencil selecting the angle value and adjusting that value.

This is actually a very helpful tool, because let's say: I will draw now another line and this line and the end I would like to be perpendicular to the end of the 45 degree line.

So all I have to do is just draw a line and then make it meet the other line, with the pencil select the angle, adjust a value and now I rotated or repositioned that line to be exactly 90 degrees.

We can for example also make it tangent: by just adjusting the value to 180. And the nice thing is that all these values are interactively, so you can always select any line and adjust these values.

Whenever two points of a line also touch, then these two lines or arcs will be joint, so we actually have to remove these lines. So with the pencil I select the delete function and then with the pencil I will select all the lines I would like to delete and you see here all these four lines have shared points, so I can delete them all at once.

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