Fillet and chamfer

How to fillet and chamfer edges in Shapr3D


To fillet or chamfer an edge: select an edge with the pencil, press and then swipe one way or the other way to switch between chamfer or fillet.

Also here with the pencil we can select the value for the fillet for example and adjust it.

We can also chamfer or fillet multiple edges at once. All you need to do is with the pencil select all the edges you would like to work on: like this and then on any edge you would like to work on press and then do your swipe motion to call the correct command.

In my case I would like to do a nice fillet. The fillet command also is able to do chaining so now I have 4 linear edges and 4 arcs and I just go to one edge with the pencil select it and then swipe.

I can do a nice fillet along that edge. Perfect. Shapr3D is not only able to fillet multiple edges at the same time it is also able to fillet multiple edges that meet each other at the same time.

And this is important to be aware of because, based on your edge selection and the steps you will get two different corner rounding results.

So in this case I select all 3 edges at the same time and then with the pencil I select it press and drag it and you see then I get this nice triangular shape corner rounding surface. So this is one way.

The other way would be with the pencil select the edge and then round it and because now these 3 edges or 2 lines and the arc are tangent to each other I can simply select whatever edge I would like with the pencil.

Press and then round all those edges at the same time.

You see there I get a different type of the corner rounding.

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