Solid modeling

How solid modeling works in Shapr3D


So let me show you how the whole solid modeling works. To extrude a cube out of this yellow autofilled square with the pencil I can select the yellow area and then press up or for example move the pencil down, so this defines the extrusion direction.

You see there's also a dimension for the extrusion height. I can select that with the pencil and then correct the value. Maybe with the pencil I just click or tap somewhere on the outside to make it go away.

With the pencil now I can select for example an edge and this reads out the length, so 10 millimeters.

Let's say, now I decided I would like this box not to be 10, but actually 6 millimeters in height.

So how do I do this?

Well with the pencil I can select the top face and then press and move this one down, so 10 millimeters minus 4 will actually make this one into 6. Or there you can see now actually how much I cut out, so 4 there. Let's select this edge.

You see this is 6 millimeters. So I can always readjust those, afterwards we are selecting a face with the pencil and then pressing to switch in to extrude and pulling it into the direction you need. Perfect.

Shapr3D also allows you to draw on faces. So with the pencil I can just start drawing a line down here. and for example, if I get it close to one of the face edges, it will start snapping the endpoint of the line to that edge. Perfect!

So with the pencil now I can select the different faces now. You see this line because it connects edge-to-edge start slicing the area. And this is very useful when for example I would like that shape to be removed from the block.

So with the pencil I can extrude it out, but if I go the opposite way, you start to cut it out. And you see the color is red.

Let's say maybe we go to there and see: this is completely gone. We can for example completely remove this part. I know this is looks like a chamfered edge.

Let's go one step backwards.

On the angled face, I would like to put down another sketch, so with a finger double tap on it. You will see that Shapr3D will rotate the view, so you're in ortographic view and now it's a lot easier for example to put further sketches down.

So let's say I would like to draw quickly a box here and box there and maybe there and there. Okay! And maybe a circle. Let's put the circle to there. Perfect!

And you see now I can use the grid to nicely adjust the size and position of all those elements to each other.

With a finger let's rotate back and you see that the whole scene is adjusted, because Shapr3D actually created a construction grid along that face. If I would like to undo this. Simply go to the 3D widget and the camera menu, click on reset camera. And there we are. Now the grid is reset to the global space. Perfect!

Now with the pencil I can select also 2 areas at the same time and then either extrude them in or for example extrude them out. In my case for example I'll just cut completely through.

So let's rotate the view and you see there it completely extruded. So this is a really nice and fast way to do solid modeling in Shapr3D.

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