Apple Pencil meets Shapr3D: what you need to know


Oct 20

Use your Apple Pencil with iPad Pro and get the most out of Shapr3D. Here are a few simple steps you should know when using the pencil.

How to pair you Apple Pencil

When you use your Apple Pencil for the first time:

  1. take off the cap and plug it into the Lightning connector on the iPad Pro.
  2. After a few seconds, the Pair button will appear. Tap it.

The Pencil will be in contact with your iPad Pro as long as you have Bluetooth enabled.

After you pair the Apple Pencil, it will stay paired until:

  • you restart the iPad Pro,
  • turn on airplane mode,
  • disable Bluetooth,
  • or pair with another iPad Pro.

If you lose connection, just plug the Pencil back into the Lightning connector of the iPad Pro to pair it again.

It is important to know that the Apple Pencil works only with the iPad Pro.

It doesn’t work with older models like iPad Air, Air2 or the Mini. So Shapr3D doesn’t support these iPad versions, only the iPad Pro.

Shapr3D and you your Apple Pencil


After you paired your Apple Pencil, you are ready to use Shapr3D app.

How to sketch and extrude

You can use the Apple Pencil to sketch and extrude in Shapr3D.

This is how you draw and delete lines

This is how to draw an arc in the app

Draw arcs, circles and perfect half circles easily in Shapr3D, just by using the Apple Pencil.

This is how you draw a spline in Shapr3D

You can draw open and closed splines by:

  1. creating a starting point,
  2. adding control verticals (CVs) and
  3. adding an end point.

Make sure to keep contact between the screen and the edge of the Pencil the whole time. To add a Control Vertical, just press hard on the screen. You can modify the position of these CVs later on, but you can’t add or delete them.

How to extrude

There are the first steps to do your first extrusion in the app:

  1. you need to create a sketch filling (represented by a yellow area) by sketching a shape,
  2. tilt the view a little with your finger so are looking at the sketch filling at an angle (so you are NOT in orthographic view),
  3. press hard with the Apple Pencil, wait for the “click sound”
  4. pull up or down.

If you don’t press with hard enough with the pencil, you’ll only draw more lines and fail to extrude. Also, if you are looking at the screen from the top, so at a 90 degree angle (ortho view), you won’t be able to extrude.

How to fillet and chamfer

You can simply fillet or chamfer edges in Shapr3D. You can also do chained filleting or chamfering as well.

How to charge your Apple Pencil

There are two major ways to charge your Apple Pencil.

  1. Plug it into your iPad Pro
  2. Use a Lightning to USB cable with an Adapter

1. Charging with your iPad Pro

Apple Pencil Charging

The advantage of using your iPad Pro to charge you Apple Pencil is that:

  • these two are usually with you at the same time
  • the iPad Pro enables fast charging

If your battery runs out, you can get 30 minutes of use time even with 15 seconds of charging.

2. Charging with Lightning to USB cable

Charging Apple Pencil using Lighting to USB cable

You can charge your Apple Pencil using your Lightning to USB cable, but to do this, you need a Charging Adapter. You can find this in the box of your Apple Pencil.

Based on our own tests with normal use, the Apple Pencil can last up to many days without charging. If you use it very heavily, it can survive up to 4-5 hours. But then you can use the fast charging option that can add extra 20-30 minutes even with a few seconds of charging.

How to check the battery level

But to make sure you don’t drown the battery of the Pencil accidentally:

You can check the battery level of your Apple Pencil in the Widgets view inĀ NotificationsĀ on your iPad Pro.

To access this:

  • Swipe down with your finger from the top of the iPad Pro to see the Notifications.
  • If your Pencil is paired and connected you will see the Widgets view.
  • The battery levels are shown here on the right hand side.

How to check iPad Pro and Apple Pencil battery level

When you draw near the edge of the iPad Pro, the Pencil doesn’t activate Control Center, Notification Center, or Multitasking. So you can only check Notifications using your fingers.

Now you are a few steps closer to successfully start using your Apple Pencil and Shapr3D.

You can download the app here from the Apple App Store on your iPad Pro.