Win a pro subscription – This is how it works

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May 18

We, at Shapr3D, love to see all the beautiful and sometimes unexpected things our users are designing with the app. Some have already been featured on our blog, but some still haven’t. That’s why we decided it’s time to do a little competition, and let the world see what our user have been up to.

The rules are simple:

  1. Share any or all of your models made in Shapr3D
  2. Post it on any of the following social channels: Instagram or Facebook or Twitter (you can post to multiple ones)
  3. Use the following hashtags so we can see your designs: #shapr3d #ipadpro #applepencil
  4. Submit your designs by the 1st of June.
  5. We, the Shapr3D team will select two of our favorites.
  6. They win a yearly pro subscription, worth 99$, each. (if you already have one, don’t worry, you’ll still get another year extra)

We put together an FAQ for those, who want more details.


How are the winners chosen?

Our team of seven will sit down on the 2nd of June, and decide based on quality, originality, and usefulness of the design.

Who wins and what?

The prize is given to the two best designers. Each creator will get a 1-year PRO subscription, worth 99$.

Where can I post my works?

We will search for #shapr3d; #ipadpro; #applepencil on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Post on any of these platforms. Make sure your posts are public so we can access them.

What is the final deadline to post?

The final deadline is 2017.06.01 9 pm PST

Can I model it in Shapr, then color it in Concepts or Procreate?

We would like to see models exclusively made in Shapr3D. You can share the painted, rendered images, but make sure to share the original model(s) as well.

What if I already have a PRO subscription?

Don’t worry. It will add up. For example, if your PRO subscription ends in 2017.11.01, we will combine them so your subscription will last until 2018.11.01.

If you have more questions, email us!