Case Study: Jewelry design with Shapr3D

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Oct 11

Is Shapr3D an ideal tool for jewelry design? Yes. Here’s a case study how a designer in Thailand creates his jewels using only Shapr3D.

Since we launched Shapr3D in early 2016, quite a few people have asked this:

Is Shapr3D ideal for jewelry design?

We have always said: YES. And now we can prove it to you.

One of our users from Thailand, Chonlapon Sotthibundhu shared us with his designs and the process how he created his jewellery items, called Artemis with Shapr3D.

Black Chromium - Artemis

Artemis Silver Wolf ring

Can you share us a few things about yourself?

I am Chonlapon Sotthibundhu, I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I studied at the Faculty of Art and Design at Rangsit University in Thailand. I have always tried to create jewelry, but it took me quite a bit of time to find the right tool.

Why was it so difficult to find the right tool?

Jewellery design production can be very complicated and the most important thing is the prototype. As we call it, the ‘Mold Master’. In Thailand only a few people have experience with CAD and 3D programs. I was looking for someone with relevant experience for a lot of time to create the first prototypes, but I couldn’t find anyone. That’s when I found Shapr3D.

3D CAD design of my jewelry

I have a background in art and design, but I have no 3D or CAD experience. Still, I could learn the program pretty easily. Now I don’t need to look for anyone else to create the prototypes. I can design everything by myself. From anywhere I want to.

How does your jewelry design workflow look like?

Sometime I still use pen and paper to sketch ideas, but I do the 3D modeling in Shapr3D.

Sketch of jewelry design before using CAD software

This is how this model looks like in Shapr3D.

Jewellery CAD design with Shapr3D

It can take some time to perfect the sketch.

Jewelry mold Master

But when I am done with, I can move to the next phase. It’s the process for metalwork.

Artemis Jewellery in Thailand

The good thing is that you can even 3D print a design before you move too far into “production”. You can easily test designs and ideas this way.

You just have to create a variation in Shapr3D, 3D print it and then see how it looks & works. It it needs some work and refining, I just go back to the app and perfect the model.

3D printed jewellery ring

What comes after this?

It is very important to have beautiful and catchy pictures of your jewelry items. So once I done with a model, I take a lot of time to create nice looking photos of them. I always try to show it how it would look on a person’s hand so you get the feeling how it functions in real life.

Jewellery design with Shapr3D

Jewel cad designing

I also designed the case in Shapr3D, in which I sell these items.

3D model of the case for ring

This is how the final package looks like. Designed only with Shapr3D.

Jewel cad designing

Shapr3D enabled me to create my own jewels and my own brand. From the first step, till the last.

I don’t need the help of others, I can just sit down anywhere and start sketching and modeling.


Is Shapr3D a good tool for jewelry design? Yes, we think so.

If you think the same way, download the app for your iPad PRO here:

If you want to more info and pictures about the Artemis jewellery collection, check out the brand’s Facebook and Instagram profile.